What is Deviled Eggs Recipe?

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You may have heard of deviled eggs recipe through your friends or through some cooking show you are watching on TV. While the word “devil” may be part of the name of this dish, it is definitely not sinful to eat this food.

Deviled eggs recipe is also called “Eggs Mimosa” and they are basically served either as an appetizer, a side dish or the main course during holidays and parties. The main ingredient, as you may have guessed, are eggs which are hard-boiled and later on cut in half. The egg yolk is then scooped and mixed with some mayonnaise and mustard. This mixture will be placed back as the topping for the hard-boiled eggs.

In the 18th century, the word “devilled” has been used in reference to food. But in the 19th century a more specific use of the word was equated with spicy or even zesty foods that include eggs mixed with pepper, mustard and other ingredients. Now, some areas of the United States use the terms “dressed eggs” and “salad eggs” especially if the food will be served in a church function or some other form of religious activity which the word “devilled” may be deemed inappropriate.

The basic deviled eggs recipe primarily consists of the egg yolk, mayo and mustard mixture. However, in recent years, many other versions of the deviled eggs recipe have come up. Some people make use of garlic, cheese, horseradish, capers and mushrooms. Others even like it spicy and hot so they add in hot sauce, paprika and even wasabi. Some deviled eggs recipe have branched out to include a bit of meat and seafood into the eggs. Some add in smoked salmon, sardines and even caviar.

Now, deviled eggs recipe is becoming a staple in most house parties and banquets. Perhaps because this is easy to prepare and has a lot of nutritional benefits.